Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The New Man

We must lift up the new man, wiping out of our self consciousness that 'Old Man of Sin'--the beastly lower consciousness, doctrines of imperfection and of devils, demons and satan!  We must be raised into newness of life as the serpent was raised in the wilderness so that Christ can be resurrected in us. This is done by renewing our mind that we may be transfigured as a Christ. The transfigured Christ body or consciousness is when one ascends into a higher place spiritually; into the Secret Chambers, beyond the veil with the Most High into The Holy of Holies.

Yahshua took the three disciples up to the Mount and was transfigured before them. Peter, speaking out of his fleshly excitement and sensory feel-good sensations said, “Lord, it is good for us to be here; if you wish, I will make three tabernacles here, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah”. Scripture said while Peter was still speaking, a bright cloud overshadowed them and a voice came out of the cloud exclaiming, “This is My Beloved Son listen to Him!” It was not that Peter did not know who the Christ was or doubted or even that he was not paying attention. Peter went on a sensory tangent after feeling the overflow of the power of the three transfigured beings. Peter missed the whole point of the WHY they were there!

It is the same today with the people of the Most High soaking up the feel-good sensations that comes with the presence of Spirit, while they allow their spirit to enter uncontrollably in the sensory realm not receiving why the Spirit has come or what She wanted to impart. They are missing the whole point as they leave their place of worship exclaiming, we sure had church today! Yet they cannot give you revelation of what was gained.

Peter wanted to build three tabernacles when The Divine Creator was showing the three disciples how they too can be and must be transfigured spiritually so they too can ascend their physical temples into the heavenlies. Peter  had to be reminded to get out of that sense realm of thought and consciousness and listen to your Christ thought and consciousness. Peter was thinking in the earthly fleshly old man realm, although they were privy to the most important revelation of heavenly concepts of the ages.

We also have been made privy to or partakers of these Mysteries. The awakened and enlightened one's have been given revelation of the Mysteries of the Christ, the Kingdom of G-D and Heaven. However, many who dwell in the fleshly nature plagiarize the True Message, watering it down to fit into their agendas of pimping and leading the people astray from Truths that will bring them into the Mysteries of the Kingdom; and, the knowledge and freedom it takes to become recipients to the Way into a more perfect man.

Many disciples destined to be  are still missing the point. Many who use  titles have missed the vision; they have missed the mark! They have built earthly fleshly tabernacles living in the old man principles of teaching the doctrine of devils and demons. They dwell in the senses and feel-good sensations of the promptings of the Spirit ignoring the WHY Spirit has come. They teach and keep the people in bondage to their intellect with a slave mentality  in a beastly religious System. A System with stagnated regurgitated messages of the latest fable of out of contextual fairy-tales of dragons, Tinkerbell and a place where magical changes outside the realm and Principles of Divine Law happens. A 'Beam Me Up Scottie' mentality where they will be whisked away to this place where all their tears will be wiped away, there will be no dying. A place where a child will play with asps, laying down with the lions. A place where there will be no more troubles where one bask in the sun eating assortments of fruit. A place where there is no law only grace!

Instead, the people  should be taught to know who they are, why they are here and what they are here to do. That is, to come into their Christ mind in order to bring others into their inheritance of Christ Consciousness!

HELLO! The masses know that you are living below your means, living in a fairytale land they want nothing to do with! Who are you witnessing to? What are you witnessing? Sure, you can quote Scripture. You can tell others how much G-D loves them. You can invite them to church. What do you show them? What can you give them?

Only when one has reached Christ consciousness of god consciousness can they experience a transfiguration  that prepares them for entry into their place in the Tabernacle versus dwelling below their means with the masses in the outer courts.

Many will die a physical death without having come into the knowledge of the vision; having a clouded consciousness. On their death bed, they will realize that they have missed the mark!

If the Creator “make all things new” ; if there will be a new heaven and new earth wouldn't it stand to reason that humans will be changed or be made anew?

Now, lets stay real! Our physical bodies will not be transliterated and raise up into the atmospheric realms to meet Jesus in the air to forever be with the Lord. That is not a reality but a fairy tale perpetuation of a so-called rapture.

If our our environment change, out of necessity, the quality of our spiritual consciousness will have to changed or be resurrected or transformed. The changes taking place are predictive upon ones spiritual maturity level. If one is unjust, they will be unjust still. If one is holy, they will be holy still. If one is righteous, they will be righteous still.

We live here on this earth and our physical bodies will not change. The soul will leave the body. I believe that the soul returns from whence it came. I believe that any changes, resurrections, ascensions and transliterations are made while in bodily form to enter into the heavenly (spiritual) realm. I believe that this earth is the playground and schoolyard for mankind to evolve back into gods. This is in order to show the Creators love , glory and manifest a divine deity while in this World. We will only pass this way once! Therefore, let's get it right that we may enter into the new heaven and earth as, improved spiritually evolved beings.

The higher level I ascend, the more I see that it is our own self that we must save; learning the true gospel and the Mysteries of our Creator that our spirit will ascend to its highest earthly level—reaching our earthly goal of becoming  I AM in Divine Union and ONE with Divine Creator. Catch the vision!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love! 
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